For Artists and Amatuers

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For Artists and Amatuers

Postby That-scarf-girl on November 8th, 2010, 11:01 am

Hi all, and welcome to my first ever idea for a game. I am going to hold an art competition! :)
Here is how it is going to work;
I am going to choose a topic and anyone can submit any number of entries related to it. The topic could be anything, (Daleks, cybermen, a different Doctor, a movie TOM was in, anything to be linked with TOM). They must all be submitted by the last day of the month, and on that day, the next months topic will be announced. A week afterwards, the winner will be announced ( I don't know WHO will judge, but maybe the man himself may do so).
There is no limit for mediums to be used;
So get out your camera,start up your photoshop, pick up your pencil and get started!

To start it off, I figure the best topic could be... *drumroll*

The Man Himself

Here is my entry

Whether we get 50 entries, or just my starting entry every month, does not matter. I love sharing with you guys, but can we please keep any discussion on the "art" (if you can call my sketch art) in a seperate topic.
Hope you will join in,

Your Friend Down Under,
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Re: For Artists and Amatuers

Postby The Cloaked One on November 8th, 2010, 12:11 pm

Awesome, awesome. I love artwork! That is a very nice picture of Tom Baker! Excellent sketch and very appropriate for the first round. XD Though 'winning' is secondary to observing the amazing visions of other participants.

As much as I'd like to submit an image, the forums cannot 'determine the dimensions of the image.' Not sure why. Ah well. My Doctor Who pictures can be found on deviant art. I have the same account name there except dashes between the words. Specifically 'The Fourth Again' and 'The Fourth Doctor.' If only one can be submitted, then the first one I mentioned.
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